Our Work

Our work speaks for itself

When your future is in question, its hard to know whether you can put your matter in somebody else's hands.

How do I know if my lawyer knows what they are doing? Have they achieved results in other cases? Will they advocate strongly for my best interests?

We don't just want to tell you - we want to show you. We invite you to have a look through some examples of legal judgments, media reports and visa approval letters from some of our notable cases. These examples show our level of expertise and prove that we are effective advocates for clients even in difficult circumstances.

Let us bring the same expertise to your case - no matter how simple or difficult - we will treat your matter with the attention it deserves.

High Court sets aside decision to deny intellectually disabled daughter residence on health grounds




Child allowed entry to New Zealand after High Court recognises adoption in Pakistan



Tribunal cancels deportation and grants deaf woman residence on humanitarian grounds



Elderly widow granted residence by Tribunal to remain with only son



Immigration denies overstayer with four convictions a work visa – Minister grants a charachter waiver – leads to grant of work visa followed by residence visa


Tribunal rules that INZ misapplied residence policy on customary adoption and orders case to be reconsidered



Immigration manager refuses complaint – Chief Executive of immigration overturns decision leading to the grant of residence visa


INZ ordered to reconsider Domestic Violence Residence Case after failing to make proper enquiries



INZ declines Skilled Migrant application, Tribunal grants residence on humanitarian grounds



Tribunal ordered to reconsider case of dependant child from Sierra Leone



Partner of NZ Citizen allowed to remain after INZ declines visa on character grounds